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Canada migration consultants kottayam


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Canada migration consultants kottayam

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Canada migration consultants kottayam

Canada migration consultants kottayam  All individuals wish to migrate in a country like Canada. Canada has one of the longest coastlines and has the world’s longest non-military border. It welcomes people from all countries which not only helps in individual development but also improves the standard of living. The immigration to Canada is very easy. Both the people for work as well as studies are welcomed here. As it gives a very good standard of living, people tend to apply for permanent residence in different Canadian provinces which is easy to get. There are many different ways by which an individual can apply for permanent residence.

  1. Express Entry:

This is a programme which is introduced by the Canadian government that allows the workers from the skilled sector to apply for this programme. They need to qualify themselves with international work experience, IELTS, a work permit from the government, sponsorship and so on. If any of the individuals has these basic documents, he/she is eligible to apply for the residence and fulfill the dream of getting a citizenship. In this type of entry, people are characterised under three particular programmes they are;

  •  Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWD) which is for Skilled Workers.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) that is specially designed for Trades Class
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) that is for the experienced class personnel

All these programmes have their own eligibility criterias.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program:

This program is also open for all the people from the skilled labour sector.and if you can fill the space in the province market, he or she is capable enough to gain a permanent residence in Canada. The provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan, have their own provincial nominee programme.Even though the places are different they have almost the same procedures other than in Quebec. People from different paths like semi-skilled, running business, skilled and also the students who would like to migrate to Canada have an eminent opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the province where they would like to live. The initial approval is done by the province itself for the program where all the assessment will be done online and the other checks like security and criminal background check will be done by the government itself.

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Canada Immigration

Canada has skilled immigration visa schemes that allow the entry of many thousands of skilled immigrants annually under Express Entry.

Provincial Nominee Program

11 Canadian provinces/territories collude with the federal to nominate eligible skilled workers and business immigrants.

Quebec Immigration

Quebec has its separate skilled immigration, business immigration visa schemes that account for about 10% of total immigrant intakes in Canada.

New Zealand Immigration

Much like Australia, New Zealand is open to eligible skilled workers, students, and business immigrants.

Australia Immigration

The Australian immigration system includes a number of popular immigration programs under the Skill Select system.

Poland Immigration

Poland is open for a work permit for candidates specializing in IT skills or students willing to study & practice medicine.


Individuals who want to immigrate and settle during a particular province are often nominated by the provinces and territories under Provincial Nominee Program Canada.

Canada migration consultants kottayam

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

After you've got submitted your profile along side relevant documents, the OINP will assess your application and issue a NOI when seats.

Canada migration consultants kottayam

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

There are three primary categories under which applicants can move to Manitoba can move to Manitoba can move

Canada migration consultants kottayam

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is that the province’s primary pathway to immigration for international applicants.

Canada migration consultants kottayam

Saskatchewan Migration Nominee

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program offers immigration applicants multiple pathways to entry into Canada.

Canada migration consultants kottayam

British Coumbia Provincial Nominee

British Columbia is that the westernmost province of Canada and one among the foremost popular immigration destinations within the country. destinations within the country

Canada migration consultants kottayam

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

This type of temporary visa allows you to go to , travel and to figure within the Australian show business . destinations within the country destinations within the country

Canada migration consultants kottayam

Canada migration consultants kottayam