Best Canada migration consultants in kottayam
Family Sponsorship

Best Canada migration consultants in kottayam If any of the adult members in the family has a Canadian residence he/she can sponsor an individual for immigration to Canada and apply for permanent residence directly. The individual should be a spouse or a common law partner. The individual can also be grandparent, sponsor, dependent child, niece, sibling or nephew who is under 18 and whose parents are deceased. They are also eligible to sponsor you under temporary residency. They will not be able to sponsor you if they are bankrupt, aided by the government and if they are not able to cover the student loan. They are not able to sponsor if they themself are sponsored by someone else.


All the students who have the desire and ambition to work hard can study in Canada. All you need is an IELTS pass card, admission card and also funds to support yourself. Other than that the individual has the opportunity to work and study equally.

Best Canada migration consultants in kottayam

Please find below all the Overseas Educational Consultants from Kottayam. Best Canada migration consultants in kottayam has  Consultants in Kottayam that may wish to recruit for your institution. You cannot view all the consultants information as some of them do not wish to be searched on this public domain although our team would be happy to promote you amongst all of them once you are subscribed for the service. You may not be able to see certain information in a profile either due to data protection policy of our company or due to consultant’s choice to hide the information.


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